Check on Tutorial Work of Chapter 1

45 points

Work through Chapter 1 of the Hands-on Python Tutorial.   Caution:  Do not judge your progress through the chapter just by the number of pages you have read or minutes of video!  The exercises and the more difficult parts of the chapter are clustered at the end!  

Here is the list of files you need to make sure are included when you turn in your Chapter 1 work. If you saved this work under some other name, please rename as I specify below.  The point distribution for the problems is also shown.  To receive full credit on a program, it needs to run correctly, as written.  Run and check carefully!

For simplicity, please submit into the Ch1Tutorial Sakai assignment just a single zip file that includes these files.  Remember to include information about help you received and gave in individual files.

I suggest you just keep your specially named exercise files in with all the example files. When it is time to submit exercise files, here is the process in Windows:

1.    Open the examples folder (or the folder where you have the files).

2.    Look at the list of required files in this homeworkand select them all carefully (Control-click on each one).

3.    Be careful not to do a plain regular left-click.  Instead right click on the selected files, and in the popup menu choose Send To --> Compressed (zipped) folder

4.    A zip file should be created based on the name of the file your mouse was over when you right clicked.

5.    Upload that zip file into the Blackboard assignment.

In addition, every individual should separately submit the following log in the Assignment box on Sakai.  Your homework grade will not be recorded without this log!  Include in the log:

1.    Areas where you received help other than from your partner.  Include from whom (me, TA, which tutor), and the extent.

2.    Roughly how long you worked for Chapter 1 beyond class time.

3.    Briefly, what was the hardest part to get, how did it go for you ...

4.    Who your partner was if you had one, or "No partner"  If you changed partners, indicate which files were produced with which partner, if possible.

5.    If you had a partner, give an indication of how things went with your partner.  Was working together a good thing?  How did your partner help? How did you help your partner?  How did it go?

If you worked with a consistent partner through the whole chapter, only one of you needs to submit the archive, but make sure each partner has their own copy! Each student should separately submit an independently written log.