Channah F. Naiman
Doyle 205

Jterm, 2019:
COMP 377/477  Project Management

Spring, 2019:
COMP 353:  Database Programming

COMP 300/400: Data Mining

Fall, 2018:

COMP 150  Introduction to Computing
Office hourse before class, in CC 205

COMP 403  Operations Management

COMP 453  Database Programming

Summer, 2018:

COMP 271  Data Structrues

Spring, 2018:

COMP 300/488  Data Mining

COMP 353  Database Programming

Jterm, 2018:
COMP 377/477  Project Management

COMP 388/488-307   DataViz
Office Hours: 
    Monday,  12:30 - 2:30  in Doyle Center 205  However, the second hour may be in or near the DataViz classroom
      Before or after class by appointment.
      For 453, the department will have some office space on the WTC campus.  I don't know where exactly yet.
            Update:  Our classroom is available before class, so I will just come early and we can meet then.

     Links for lecture 4 (bits/bytes)
     Links for lecture 5 (http)
     Python links




Remote MySQL Connections

Remote phpMyAdmin
Remote MySQL Connection Example Files

Debugging Assets

Debug Lecture

JavaScript/HTML5 Validation/AJAX

Ajax Lab Demo
Ajax Lab Download (.zip)
Lab 4 Using HTML5 Input Validation & JavaScript processing

PHP Password, Sessions, Logins

PHP Password Encryption
PHP Session Security


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